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2018 Lapierre Road Bikes review

2018 Lapierre road bikes were published on the official website at the same time as Eurobike's weekend. During the season, both the updates and innovations of the FDJ pro team has gave us some tips for  the 2018 lapierre road series but there was a curiocity about colours and components to be used.

Lapierre comes in 2018 season with Aircode and Pulsium frames with big changes, not updates.

With the new Aircode you see above, Lapierre offers more advanced aerodynamic data than previus versions and  also claims rigidity and comfort at the Xelius SL level.

new Aircode SL geometry

chainstay which is shorter 3mm and direct mount brake caliper

aero seatpost (Thibaut Pinout edition)

And now the new models which you can buy in 2018;

Aircode SL Pinot Ultimate 
DuraAce DI2 groupset
Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon SL C

Aircode SL 800 Ultimate 
Duraace 9100 groupset
Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon SL C

Aircode SL 700 FDJ Ultimate
Ultegra DI2 groupset
Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon Exalith WTS

Aircode SL 600
Ultegra groupset
Mavic Cosmic Elite

I am going to skip the Xelius SL series this year and try to concentrate on new Pulsium frames because there are some changes on Pulsium frames that I like very much. And especially I am focusing this frame for me as well:)

I think, Lapierre used Shock Absorption Technology (SAT) on the old version of Sensium frames. It was on the seatstay. And also SAT elastomer was used on the previous Pulsium's top tube. And now, with the new Pulsium frames, seatstay merges with top tube just like the Xelius frames and SAT elastomer used on seatstay. (interesting isnt it?)

SAT system is designed to absorb vibrations in order that you lose less energy when riding on demanding rides.

I am not sure but What I know is, the new Pulsium frame was first used by FDJ team at Paris-Roubaix in 2017 and Arnoud Demare finished in 6.  Demare ''the new Pulsium will be my new weapon in the classic races.'' he said before the race.

the new SAT elastomer

With new geometry and new carbon tecnology, Lapierre claims of a 40% increase in bottom bracket stiffness, 20% greater headset stiffness and 25% stiffer chainstays. At the same time, Lapierre also claims its new carbon fibre layup has resulted in a 20% increase in comfort compared with Sensium frames.

longer wheelbase to get more responsiveness
longer headtube

Now it is time to see new Pulsium full bikes which will be sold in 2018.

Pulsium 900 disc Ultimate
Duraace DI2 groupset
Mavic Kysrium Pro Carbon SL Disc C

Pulsium 700 Disc Ultimate
Ultegra DI2 groupset
Mavic Kysrium Elite Disc
Pulsium 600 FDJ Disc
Ultegra groupset
Mavic Aksium Disc

I will keep on updating this page as soon as I introduce Lapierre's new models. For example; 2018 I am curious about new cyclocross bikes but have not been published yet. If you would like to see all the bicycles in detail, you can check them on the Lapierre website.

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